At workspacevision, we help organizations move the needle on employee engagement, mitigate risk and ensure clients receive the highest return on their furnishing investments. Because workspacevision is untethered from any specific furnishing product and/or manufacturing company, we are able to offer our clients an unbiased approach to advocacy, helping to protect both their real estate investments and preserve the integrity of their organizational goals.

Our vision is to to be an unbiased advocate and steward of the furnishing industry and to notably elevate the experience of connecting organizations with their employees and their work. We do this via a strategic discovery, evaluation and implementation process.

discovery + evaluation + implementation

workspacevision’s unique scalable platform manages all aspects of the workplace change experience beyond discovery and through evaluation and implementation. By taking a strategic, unbiased, advocacy approach to the change process, workspacevision incorporates important aspects of the workplace solution that are often overlooked or left unnoticed until they become costly changes. These include:

  • Evaluating and incorporating unique organizational, user group, and technology requirements;
  • Determining the right course of action to execute project;
  • Implementing the most cost-effective solutions (which can sometimes mean acquiring new products, finding ideal used products, or perhaps simply moving existing assets).

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  • dicovery-icon Discovery

    • When workspacevision partners with clients—whether corporate end-users, real estate professionals, architects or designers—we inject a unique discovery process early in the relationship. This process allows workspacevision to change the conversation and maximize the workplace change experience by:

      • Workplace Assessment through executive/management roundtable discussion so as to establish organizational goals that need to be met;
      • Creation, editing and execution of both management and employee survey;
      • Implement a change readiness survey to qualify challenges of the project;
      • Define project scope, through an executive brief and determine who will be the decision-making team; i.e., project charter;
      • And, layering over relevant workplace research.
  • evaluation-icon Evaluation

    • workspacevision evaluates the organization’s strategic goals and visions as outlined in the discovery process and determines the best course of action for implementing them. Our strategic platform ensures that every aspect of a successful workplace change initiative is considered, include the following:

      • Budget development and determining reduction of front line costs;
      • Determining the course for existing assets;
      • Evaluating current national contracts and/or service provider agreements;
      • Leveraging purchasing strategies;
      • Fulfilling corporate minority initiatives;
      • Addressing disabilities in the workplace;
      • Managing change through flexibility of products;
      • Discovering new products that are available to meet needs;
      • Assessing the ideal life and quality of products;
      • Identifying the availability of products;
      • Evaluating service provider response time;
      • Reviewing clients’ current RFP processes and modifying them as needed;
      • Executing the RFP process for clients and then evaluating results;
      • Managing the typical development process, liaison to design firm for space planning efforts;
      • And, establishing showroom tours and mockup process.
  • implementation-icon Implementation

    • workspacevision understands the importance of an effective implementation phase for workplace change. We remain deeply involved in the “change project” during and after implementation.

      At workspacevision, we believe a project is only complete when our client says it is complete. During the implementation process, we offer the following services:

      • Collaborating with architectural and design firms on the behalf of our clients (space planning, finish selection);
      • Managing of punch efforts until every last detail has been addressed;
      • Developing of team strategy to execute purchasing strategies;
      • Developing standards programs for the future;
      • Educating the workforce regarding new working environments;
      • Generating ongoing furniture budgets;
      • Overseeing asset management of products;
      • Integrating ideal reporting and communications systems;
      • Inventorying existing furniture assets and determining the after-life of products;
      • And, creation of the change management communication plan (early in the process).