Beth Goff-McMillan, Founder and CEO

beth-goffA woman-owned and woman-operated business, workspacevision the company and “workspace vision” the industry were created out of Beth Goff’-McMillan’s twenty year’s experience in the furnishing industry and her recognition that the furnishing market did not connect the furnishing needs of clients to the client’s organizational goals. As a result, companies were being underserved in the furnishing correlation of furniture and strategic goals. By untethering workspacevision to a specific product and/or manufacturing company, Beth Goff-McMillan was able to offer an unbiased approach to client advocacy in the furnishing and workspace strategy space.



  • Strategic Communications

    Jennifer Eyestone

  • Project Manager

    Kimberly Durham Cohen

  • Advisory-Council

    Advisory Council

Our Core Values

At worskpacevision, our commitment to our clients and to the furnishing industry is to always be an unbiased advocate of the client and steward of the furnishing industry and to notably elevate the experience of connecting organizations with their employees and their work. We accomplish this by holding all our actions to the highest standards.

Our core values are to always exercise the highest level of integrity; to drive passion; and to pioneer leadership.

exercise-integrityExercise integrity: We make decisions that are best for our  clients and hold ourselves to the highest standard in the  workspace industry. Our client’s best interest is paramount to  the criteria by which all decisions are made.

pioneer-leadershipPioneer leadership: We forge a new path in a well-worn  industry that brings client representation to the epicenter of  the process.

drive-passionDrive passion: We drive a process that is unique in the  industry to ensure the most optimal outcome of every  project.