Midstream Oil & Gas Co.

This young, fast-growing energy company headquartered in Dallas, TX, occupies 100,000 square feet of space. The client recently hired workspacevision to manage a furniture process that had yet to be determined. What was certain from the beginning was that the focus would be on budget and timing. The project would need to be tightly managed while still supporting the client’s rapid growth and image aspirations.


workspacevision started by defining a budget-friendly plan to re-stack the building using existing products or purchasing used products, minimizing furniture spend for the next five years. To support this, workspacevision developed a criteria list of desired outcomes for the company’s aesthetic and functionality of the workplace. The major challenge facing the workspacevision team was finding a way to drive a consistent platform to manage growth while utilizing as many existing products as possible.


The extensive review process workspacevision launched included the evaluation of The client’s current product inventory, spread out amongst three office locations, two warehouses and onsite storage. With several brands and varying styles of products in use, it was critical for workspacevision to consolidate the brands that would be managed in the future. workspacevision combed the used market for products that could support the chosen brand and functionality while also supporting the budget and timeframe of the project. In the process, workspacevision also identified holes in quality of seating (both task and side chair) and found appropriate solutions.

Results: Drove Consistent Brand Product, Streamlined Asset Management

workspacevision produced a thorough inventory of all assets that belonged to The client, regardless of location. The team then managed the inventory down to just the products that would meet the newly defined the client aesthetic and functionality moving forward.

workspacevision managed The client’s remaining internal asset portfolio down to two quality manufacturers that still offer current products that can support The client’s future growth. workspacevision then backfilled the client offices with high-end, pre-owned products that exceeded expectations.

Once that was complete, workspacevision established a liquidation process on the client’s behalf. The workspacevision team eliminated all off-site storage, a huge accomplishment that is reaping ongoing cost savings for the company. In the end, workspacevision successfully re-stacked the entire 100,000 square foot building in a budget- and growth-friendly manner that doesn’t compromise on visual appeal or functionality.

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