Sustainable Cleaning Co.

This Canadian company, known for delivering environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene products, called on workspacevision to help them open their first U.S. office. The client’s goal for its American office was to occupy both office and warehouse space in a well-branded manner, have ample room for growth, and maintain a hight aesthetic for visiting clients. An additional project challenge facing workspacevision was the condensed time available to deliver the perfect office space — just three months from start to completion.


Meetings with the project team, including the company CEO, executive management, and specific user groups led to the identification of several key project drivers. This included branding, speed to market, future headcount growth, project time frame, and capital budget. workspacevision enhanced the discovery process by assembling focus groups to help determine how the client’s teams interact now and into the future. workspacevision defined growth patterns, technology usage in the working environment, and collaboration styles. Branding was a crucial portion of the project as the client’s US office launch needed to communicate the company’s brand image to new employees, sales teams, and customers.


workspacevision defined the project parameters and created a plan to manage the company’s purchasing profile. workspacevision also clearly defined how it would manage the client’s RFI, RFP, and showroom tour processes. Finally, workspacevision defined and executed the client’s contract negotiations for both products and services.


Hightened Collaboration, Effective Workflow, On Brand, Growth Plan Secured

An open plan working environment was the ideal format for the company’s new US office. The adjacencies and work style combinations supports the client’s employees with their speed-to-market needs by allowing each worker to have ample personal space but also immediate collaboration opportunities. The interactive, collaborative spaces created by workspacevision offer different environments for different users and user groups. Beyond the open plan working environment, workspacevision also furnished an interim call center space for the client that can quickly transition into a large training facility in the future.

Product selections were based on flexibility, design, cost, and team support. The private office and systems-based products are designed to manage future growth and additional personnel without the need for teardown and rebuilding. The product finish palette chosen by workspacevision delivers the client’s US office products on budget while also projecting the right image to clients and outside sales teams.

True cost analysis delivered the project on budget with high-end, Grade A products and secured a five-year product and service agreement for the client, realizing on-going cost savings. workspacevision created an ideal workspace for the client in a remarkable three-month timeframe.

For specific cost-savings analysis, please contact workspacevision.

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