Aggregate Co.

This international aggregate company with US headquarters in Irving, TX, engaged workspacevision to completely renovate two floors of office space for the merger of business units from another location into the headquarters building. The project evolved from an RFP process for furniture and demountable walls into a transformation designed to change the company’s image, consolidate real estate, drive collaboration and create a purposeful community.


workspacevision met with executives of each business unit involved, management, and the user groups, quickly discovering that this was more than just an office move and renovation. workspacevision was asked to help the client accommodate two very distinct workplace styles — the European collaboration model and the American hierarchical style. Additionally, staff at the business units did not have a history of collaborating — or even know each other — and generational gaps meant very different workplace ideals. Attracting new, younger team members was a challenge in the current work environment and the new workspace needed to address this.


workspacevision initially focused on the functionality of the space and how to manage the work flow while encouraging collaboration within the individual work spaces and the immediate areas that support small-to-medium sized groups. workspacevision explored styles of working for personal, small group, and large group interaction. Also, technology was a major concern in how team members transition successfully from their work space to common areas. Once square footage usage and performance needed of supporting furniture products were determined, workspacevision managed the RFI, RFP, showroom tours, mock-ups, and negotiations of both product and service long-term contracts.

Results: Integrated New Work Styles, Drove Collaboration, Managed Change, Evolved Brand Image

workspacevision successfully created two distinct floors of the client’s headquarters building that emulate the corporate image moving forward and address function seamlessly within current real estate constraints.

The workspacevision team delivered all aspects of the workspace project under budget and with a higher level of product in terms of performance and aesthetics than prior to the move.

workspacevision negotiated five-year contracts for both products and labor and eliminated all off-site storage. The workspacevision team also found liquidation methods for the elimination of the seven floors of remaining products from the previous offices that the client departed.

For specific cost-savings analysis, please contact workspacevision.

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