The Art of Inspiration

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
– Thomas Merton

Artwork in the workplace is often an afterthought dumped on an HR Rep, or a “creative” employee when someone realizes they forgot about the walls.

Things that come to mind are posters encouraging “TEAMWORK” while depicting something like a formation of fighter jets, or the framed painting that we’ve all seen in our doctor’s office. Art is meant to be inspiring—and inspiration drives motivation.

Artwork should be thought-provoking and representative of its owners. We see art as being bold, witty, inspiring, creating visual interest, or frankly, whatever you want it to be. It’s also important to note that it’s not necessary to hang a bunch of pictures on the walls. Sculpture, lighting and objects can all be a part of a collection, which makes a space look and feel special—without breaking the bank. We are also seeing a great influx of screen-printing and architectural elements that also serve as art.

The trends we are seeing in art are becoming three-dimensional, all about branding, and can be outrageously creative!

Use of Products — Product displays in a clever manner can be both bold and deliver a story without a single word. Strategically placed product displays—not just items stacked on top of your station or all over the overheads in your office—but organized and placed for all see. Two examples below are the Lego Wall and the Fossil Watch Box Wall. Both of these are part of the entry into the workplace.

Graffiti Art — Local graffiti artists create dramatic displays through the workplace. Graffiti art is one of my favorite art mediums and is amazingly affordable!

Architectural Elements — The use of architectural elements, acoustical tiles, and felt drapes can be used as art placement. Dual-purpose items—using shapes, colors, and dramatically placed architectural elements—will serve as art piece placements.

Light Installations —Another super fun and crazy way to bring color, branding, and visual interest into the space is through light installations. We recently did a blog on light installations, but the ones shown here serve a dual purpose, both as art and a light feature, creating inspiration through light.

Art can be incorporated into the workplace in numerous ways. Let your creativity take your workspace design to new heights