How do you drive effective change in the workspace?
You change the conversation.

At workspacevision, we help our clients move the needle on employee engagement, mitigate risk and ensure they receive the highest return on their furnishing investments. We do this by creating a set of criteria to guide the right conversations with the right people, oftentimes changing the order and content of the conversations and decreasing the time and costs associated with workplace change strategies. workspacevision uncovers organizational goals and connects those goals to the real estate model through the furniture…where work happens.

furniture connects people to their work

workspacevision recognizes interior furnishings as something much more than a desk or a chair. Furniture is where work happens. Furniture is what connects every person to his or her work. Because the physical workplace is one of many vehicles that drive organizational strategies, interior furnishings are vital business tools. workspacevision helps leaders maximize this vital business tool, creating a positive and measurable shift within the organization.

At workspacevision, we create a new vision for improved employee and workspace engagement, offering clients the highest return on their workspace investment.